The project was born as a result of the great artistic movement that currently dominates the city of Oaxaca; the explosion of color, textures and shapes that takes life through emerging artists and creators from all over the world who have moved to the city to follow up on their most desired projects. It is difficult not to think of Oaxaca without the mezcal, the calendas and the graphic workshops that give life to its streets.

Casa de Arte aims to bring that emotion to your stay so that you can live and dream with art and thus take a little of Oaxaca in your heart.




The Casa de Arte building has a very characteristic design for the city of Oaxaca, which was reproduced by several local architects in the 70s, within the Colonia Reforma neighborhood. It is a very particular style that turned out to be emblematic of the area.

Nowadays, the space has been remodeled to improve the experience of its guests. The new design seeks to respect the features of the original architecture, adding the contemporary touch of Oaxacan art brightly displayed in the Hotel Art Gallery.




The Reforma neighborhood is the locals favorite area, its wide streets full of trees give it a special charm and represents a welcome respite for everyone coming from the crowded historic city center.

The wide  offer of restaurants, bars and shops of all kinds has generated what is nowadays one of the most coveted areas to live. It is a very safe and well served neighborhood located a few blocks from the center, so you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of the colonia and go downtown in just a few minutes.




Whether you are looking to get downtown, or to any of the artisan communities or archaeological sites and tourist centers that surround the city, our location is ideal.

The wide avenue on which we are located leads south directly downtown and to the Southern arm of the Oaxaca Valley and the Pacific Coast. Walking downtown takes only a few minutes,  but if you do not feel like doing  it,  you can take a taxi or one of the public buses passing just right in front of the hotel. A few blocks down the avenue, another very important road crosses it connecting the city with the communities to the Eeastern and Western arms of the Oaxaca Central Valley,  so it is very easy to get around with any vehicle. If you come by car we have spacious free parking and we will explain to you how to get around the city. We can also connect you with local tours so you won’t have to worry a bit.



Casa de Arte has seven rooms displaying the work of different artists, allowing you to get in touch with the contemporary graphic expression of Oaxaca. All the furniture and decoration for every room was designed and produced locally, prioritizing sustainability and the rescue of traditional techniques.

A design goal was the novel use of natural materials such as wood, which is why each of our rooms is named after a regional tree.





I, or members of the Casa de Arte team will always be present to welcome you and to assist you in solving all your 24 hour needs.

There is a front desk working for you with that goal. We are very eager to receive you and make you have the best stay in Oaxaca.





Casa de Arte has an outdoor swimming pool, free parking, Wi-Fi and non smoking rooms, in addition to:

  • Restaurant bar
  • Leisure and other services
  • Tours adviser
  • Security


Calzada Porfirio Díaz 221, Col Reforma. CP 68050, Oaxaca de Juárez , Oaxaca

Tel 9511433028 , WhatsApp 9512214098


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