Oaxaca is a Mexican state rich in architecture, gastronomy and music besides its biological and cultural diversity. All those Oaxacan characteristics make Casa de Arte a space where we want to show the inspiration, the creations and the work of local residing artists, both national and foreign, whose efforts inspired this project.

We want that this project, Casa de Arte, will invite us to share leisurely,  in peace and surrounded by Oaxacan landscapes, the fictional characters created by the imagination of those artists, the shapes and colors that show up in their canvases or strokes, the talent of emerging and established artists who live in Oaxaca; and so, together, and enhanced with contemporary design, Casa de Arte will help us to thoroughly enjoy this magnificence.

In the gallery of the Hotel Casa de Arte you can obtain extensive information on events such as exhibitions and workshops taking place in our facilities, as well as useful and timely information on any activity in which Casa de Arte participates. We hope it can also establish a direct and permanent relationship of dialogue among us.


Rodrigo León

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Pablo Estéban

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George Mead Moore

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Calzada Porfirio Díaz 221, Col Reforma. CP 68050, Oaxaca de Juárez , Oaxaca

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